Sunday, August 19, 2018


Several of our customers came in to frame paintings by an artist named Gigi Scully, after the third time we thought, "We've got to meet this artist".  Turns out Gigi knows a lot of people.  She lives and works in her home studio in Pasadena and has many friends and collectors in the area.
She works primarily in oils but also enjoys watercolor acrylic and charcoal. 
Her subject matter varies from still life to figures to landscapes, 
finding inspiration at home and in her travels.
While her work was on display her sister came to visit.  
Their mother took this picture of the sisters in front of "Sisters"
She is currently painting for a show in November 2018 at MorYork Gallery in Highland Park.
Check out her website to see more of her work and join her mailing list.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


About Richard's work, " I have been using the House or Home as a metaphor for the self, as well as a time and place, and the human condition for some time.  I see old buildings, architecture in general, and especially dwellings, as reliquaries, repositories of lives lived, of human history.  The buildings in these pieces and others before them, were inspired initially by images in magazines and by daily observations of buildings abandoned or in transition.  But more in the last decade by rural buildings seen on cross-country road trips from Los Angeles to Murfreesboro, Tennessee while driving our son to college."

We visited Richard Sedivy in his
Highland Park studio

Monday, April 23, 2018

"Cup Knocker"

Artist Mindy Alper is the subject of the Academy Award winning documentary

The image we printed for the window, is a drawing that was also printed on the card for her first 
show at Random Gallery in 1994, "Drawing on the Wrong Side of the Brain"
Prints of a few of Mindy's drawings are available in our store

Sunday, March 25, 2018

RoseThicket is a wholistic art and design firm run by
husband and wife team Justina & Trevor Freel.
Together they design sophisticated interior and exterior spaces.  These pieces shown in our window are hand pressed and cut paper silhouettes, mounted to layered glass, separated by 1/2" spacers, framed in bleached walnut box frames.

Fall Back

Neal lives and shoots in Southern California.  You can see more of his work here and follow him on instagram