Monday, January 4, 2016

"Pop Realism"

Ralph Massey first came to Random wanting a red frame, a red frame, we fixed him up.  Ralph's work has a fine art playfulness that needs a red frame, or a yellow frame, maybe a trapezoid or hexagon.  His work has something of a "hey you"
attitude and can be found in collections around these United States.  Ralph has representation with the Sandra Lee Gallery  and says this, "I make art everyday. I have successfully avoided the pitfalls of career planning."

Maguey Spirits

      Raoul has been a friend of ours and a friend of Random Gallery since we were on Figueroa Street.  It is and honor to have him in the Slow Down Gallery window.  Those of you who have been on the inside of Random will have seen his bird house on our ledge, his textile piece in our office and we even have a light switch cover he painted in our hallway.  
      Kate and I have always been big fans, both of his art and of Rauol as a person.  Stopping at his studio/home on the Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour should be at the top of anyones
      Rauol writes, "I am told that my work is spiritual.  I can only guess that that perception comes from the fact that I consider the earth and its history sacred."