Sunday, March 22, 2015


"This current series of paintings visualizes my concerns in regards to contemporary society's greatest issues; gender, economic, ethnic, religious and sexual inequality.  The images begin with the colors from the rainbow/pride flag but are meant to represent people of all sizes, shapes, beliefs and colors trying to live and grow together in harmony." Mark Verrillo

Mainland China

"Touring the British Commonwealth of Hong Kong didn't prepare me for what lay across the border on my first visit to mainland China.  The color palette switched suddenly from the bright neons of Nathan Road to the drab greys and browns of Guangzhou.  Traveling by van through the countryside we crossed countless rivers and waterways by ferry..Small villages with busy shops selling everything from prepared foods to brake linings sprung up on either bank.  Here is a glimpse" Marshall Kwong

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gwen Freeman

Gwen Freeman's landscapes are thickly layered and wildly colored:
a feminized contemporaneous, LA version of German expressionist landscapes.
A new direction for Gwen, made possible by the 2011 construction of a studio
adjacent to her house where she can slather on oil paint
with great disregard for the walls, floor and furniture.
The scenes are based on relatively faithful plain air sketches
of the italian countryside, the California coast,
southwest canyons and
her own Mt. Washington neighborhood.
You can find out more about Gwen and view her work at