Friday, July 4, 2014

"Why Random?"

The artist in her studio

     People often ask "why Random?".  Back in 1993 when I moved to Highland Park, we opened a gallery with a small  frame shop. It was called Random Gallery.   In 2006 we moved into our new storefront location on Avenue 64 and though we would no longer have a gallery we kept our very recognizable name.  One month ago we decided to start showing art again. Within 24 hours we had a name for the space, three artists lined up, and twenty years later we are a frame shop with a small gallery.
     It was dubbed The Slow Down Gallery for two reasons, hopefully folks driving by will slow down to look at the art, and because there are so many accidents on the corner of Avenue 64 @ Garvanza it is a way to remind people to perhaps slow down.
     Our first showing is this July 2014, celebrating artist Sophia Tise.  The window is our gallery,  the artworks inside are fabulous pieces we are framing for our customers.
     Every month we will put a new artists work in The Slow Down Gallery window.  Please contact us regarding pricing. Artist submissions are welcomed.

     We hope that you will drive by, Slow Down & enjoy.

"Vertical Littoral"
Oil on Linen over panel